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Milwaukee a great place on a great lake with a great floral design school!

At the Milwaukee School of Flower Design, founded by celebrity florist, Michael Gaffney, their students learn a large variety of different design techniques during the 8 or 12 week semester. The Milwaukee School of Flower Design has been training students in the art of flower design for many years. Their former students are involved in all areas of floral design after graduating and the school’s methods of design take beginners to pro. The Milwaukee School of Flower Design is located inside a floral wholesaler that provides thousands of gorgeous flower stems every semester for the students to design with. A gorgeous mix of fresh flower and green materials are provided to the students during each day’s class (all materials are included with the tuition cost), as well as live demonstrations, a tour of the wholesale house and how to buy wholesale, instructor assistance and best of all, hands on designing by the students themselves. Michael Gaffney who has been featured on the The Morning Blend, Hallmark Channel, Today Show and Huffington Post states, “In my book Design Star, there are 100 tips to flower design, but in class there are 1000. Being in class and having that one-on-one access to an instructor is important to learning good design habits and techniques.”

Classes in Milwaukee are offered in the afternoon and evenings on Mondays and Wednesdays of each week. There’s plenty of free parking for our students. The school is located on 48th and State St. Space is limited and pre-registration is required. If you would like more information about classes, how to register, or want to experience a free class and get a feel for designing beautiful floral arrangements, please call 1-877-322-5666 today!

Masters Classes Have Started!

The summers Masters Class has begun and all of the students are looking forward to learning the large event and funeral designs taught in this set of classes. Everything from cascading bridal bouquets, up-in-the-air centerpieces and beautiful casket sprays are all apart of the curriculum during the 4 week course. If you are interested in building your resume and expertise, then don’t miss out this Fall!! The Milwaukee School of Flower Design offers a Masters Course at the end of every ‘Design Star’ semester offered throughout the year. So if you missed summer, never fear!! You have several other opportunities to get in on the designing action!

Flower Design Tip of the Day

Ever wonder if the flower food packets you get with your flowers at the supermarket really work?

The flower food packets are used to ‘extend the life’ of your flower arrangement…Well, first we should think about what is killing the flowers in the first place.


Before you mess around with those messy packets of flower ‘food’, I would encourage you to keep the water clean and change it every 2 days or so….this will extend the life of your flowers with out messing around with the packets. Flowers are like our bodies and do the best when hydrated with clean fresh water….when changing your water on a regular basis, you are cutting down on the environment that bacteria grows best in.

At the American Schools of Flower Design, we instruct our students to add 1-2 DROPS of household bleach into the water of their arrangements to take care of any pesky bacteria that insists on polluting your water.

So as a recap of the design tip of the day….

1. Change your flower’s water regularly
2. Add 1-2 Drops of household bleach
3. ENJOY!!

Online Videos

Just a friendly reminder that if our in class schedules do not work with your personal schedule…we offer several online videos for your viewing pleasure at your own convenience. Check them out!!

Milwaukee summer semester is in full swing

The students attending the summer semester in Milwaukee have been attending classes for almost 8 weeks and are about to finish their ‘Design Star’ semester. Lots of hard work and dedication have brought these students from a limited amount or no floral design experience to stunning ‘Design Stars’.  At the Milwaukee School of Flower Design it is our pleasure and desire to see how much our students learn and can accomplish in the 8 week semester! Keep up the great work and we are all looking forward to graduation!